Caregiver Support Group

Connecting with other caregivers in caregiver support group meetings is an excellent way to acquire information, ideas and tips for caregiving. In addition, support group participants feel affirmed, renewed and re-energized after sharing their stories and hearing the stories of their fellow caregivers.

Holy Cross supports all and any caregivers through the support group meetings that are held each month. During the meetings, caregivers are given opportunities to share their stories, ask questions and feel affirmed for all they are doing in their journeys as a caregiver.

  • 2nd Wednesday of the month at 2:30pm in classrooms 1-2 at Mountain Vista Medical Center which is located on the southeast corner of Crismon Road and Southern Avenue in Mesa. Please call 1-877-924-9355 to pre-register.
  • 4th Thursday of the month at 1:30pm in classroom J at Holy Cross

Upcoming Events

Caregiver Support Group Meetings

Dec 12 2:30pm

Consider joining us at one of our monthly meetings.


On the Caregiving Journey...

Virtual Support Groups


Are you feeling the stress of helping someone take care of him/herself? Are you experiencing a roller coaster of emotions that actually surprise you? Perhaps you are experiencing frustration, resentment, guilt, and anger at your loved one for making demands on your time. These feelings are normal when you take care of another person whether or not you call yourself a caregiver. How does one get off the roller coaster? One of the best ways is to attend a support group that allows you to interact with your peers – others who are taking care of their loved ones and experiencing many of the same emotions.


Journeying through Grief during the Holidays


The holidays are a time of family celebrations steeped in tradition. However, for those who are grieving, holidays can be very stressful. The issue is how to get through the holidays with the least amount of stress. With the use of a few tips, this can be possible. The Palliative Care Organization of Australia has developed a list of eleven tips to help those who are grieving.