Caregiver Support Group

Connecting with other caregivers in caregiver support group meetings is an excellent way to acquire information, ideas and tips for caregiving. In addition, support group participants feel affirmed, renewed and re-energized after sharing their stories and hearing the stories of their fellow caregivers.

Holy Cross supports all and any caregivers through the support group meetings that are held each month. During the meetings, caregivers are given opportunities to share their stories, ask questions and feel affirmed for all they are doing in their journeys as a caregiver.

Meetings: Usually the 2nd Thursday of the month at 1:30pm in classroom J at Holy Cross

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Caregiver Support Group Meeting

Jul 11 1:30pm

If you are a caregiver, veteran or beginner, taking a few moments out of your busy schedule to attend a support group meeting can greatly benefit your emotional, spiritual and physical health.


On the Caregiving Journey...

Caring for Someone with Alzheimer's


Many caregivers are caring for loved ones who are dealing with memory loss. According to the Alzheimer’s Association web site, Alzheimer’s is the most common type of dementia accounting for 60% to 80% of the dementia cases. Alzheimer’s progresses rapidly as compared with general dementia that develops slowly. People diagnosed with Alzheimer’s will live an average of eight years after their diagnosis, although some live as long as 20 years. Because the disease robs people of their ability to think and take care of themselves, they will need a lot of assistance which creates a challenging journey for family caregivers. One of the best resources for family caregivers is the Alzheimer’s Association web site which can be found at This website is packed full of information to help people understand the disease, how it progresses, and risk factors for getting the disease. In addition, the web site features links to the Alzheimer’s navigator of connections to local support services, a virtual library, and information on locating a local chapter of the Association. A helpline is available 24/7 to provide assistance and answer questions. Call 1-800-272-3900 to reach the helpline.

Traveling the Caregiving Journey


Traveling the caregiving journey can be a very lonely experience. As caregivers realize that caregiving can require a huge amount of time, they often put their own lives on hold to have more time to take care of their loved ones. As a result, caregivers experience a variety of emotions ranging from anger to frustration to regret to guilt and sadness. Many caregivers have discovered that very few people are able to understand what they are going through.