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Mary, most sorrowful, Mother of Christians, pray for us.

Fr. Solomon Bandiho's "Personal Story"

Early Situation
Each of us has a unique journey. My story starts on the shores of Lake Victoria, in Bukoba, Tanzania some 49 years ago. I am the fifth born of eight children to the late parents who were small-scale farmers in an area dominated by hills and valleys [9 degrees below the equator] and with basically two seasons, the rainy and dry seasons.

Visiting Bukoba, you will find ‘forests’ of unending green banana plantations, which is the main food in that area. [It is in these plantations that people build their permanent homes. Apart from food, bananas serve many other purposes such as juice, fruit and beer. Leaves of banana plants serve as plates, glasses for drinking water or beer as well as umbrellas. Parts of their stem reserve moisture, which is used for cleansing when water is scarce. Banana barks serve as ropes; they are used in making baskets for grain storage, carpets, tablemats as well as decorations. Children use parts of a banana plant to make soccer balls and toys.] Other foods in the area include sweet and ‘Irish’ potatoes, yams and cassava, and fish from the fresh waters of Lake Victoria.

Basic Education
Although not educated themselves, my parents valued education. They couldn’t help me with my school assignments but made sure that a lantern was filled up with kerosene to enable me to study at night. The conditions to attend school were not easy at all. When I began my basic education at age seven, for example, I would wake up around 6 AM, grab previous night’s cold leftovers and walk [bare footed] seven miles to school where I was supposed to report at 7:30 AM. I spent the whole day without lunch and when classes ended at 4.30 PM, I returned home to help with house responsibilities like bringing family cattle home from grazing areas, chopping firewood and fetching water from the streams for cooking.

A Choice to Priesthood
While in grade three, I joined the altar server team at my home parish. After a couple of years, I felt a calling of being like the priests I served on the altar. Thanks to my Pastor, who made the necessary arrangements, I joined the junior Seminary at age 15. My departure from home was the beginning of the long journey to priesthood. I never looked back both academically and the route of life I had decided to take, although there were several bumps on the way related with limited funds. Thanks to the missionary priests who were ready to fill the gaps.

National Service Experience: A challenging year
The national service year was compulsory to all Tanzanian men and women at that time. It was a challenging year in many ways, none like we had experienced before. Through tough training and extensive demands, I came to recognize the importance of other people and team work, especially in times of great need and despair. Despite that positive experience, I almost left the priestly vocation while there. Being the best volley baller in our intake, I became the point of attraction to the army officers. Coming from a poor family and being assured of employment in the army, it was easy for me to accept the invitation, so as to get funds and help my poor parents and siblings back home. Thank God, the love for the priesthood was still strong that I ignored the offer.

Senior Seminaries, Ordination and Past Assignments
Having successfully completed high school education and National Service, I had philosophical studies for two years; then theological studies for five years [which included the year of discernment]. I was ordained transitional deacon on December 12 , 1993, and a priest on June 19, 1994 for the Catholic Diocese of Bukoba, Tanzania.

Apart from the year I spent at the parish immediately after ordination and the other two years I attended Graduate Studies in Nairobi, Kenya, the rest of the years have been spent in the Seminaries either as formator or lecturer in Systematic Theology.

After serving the National Senior Seminary community for 9 years in a row, 6 of which I obliged as Rector, the Bishops released me for a sabbatical leave and further studies. Thus, in August through December 2011, I attended the sabbatical program at the Oblate School of Theology in San Antonio, Texas. Thereafter, Bishop Thomas Olmsted asked me to serve in the Diocese of Phoenix. I obeyed the calling and served at St. Helen’s Parish in Glendale as the Parochial Administrator from January to August, 2012. In the Fall of 2012 I joined the Jesuit School of Theology of Santa Clara University, Berkeley campus, to pursue a doctorate degree in Systematic Theology.

New Ministry at Holy Cross Parish
Though still working on my dissertation, I wholeheartedly accepted the calling of the Holy Spirit, through the Bishop of Phoenix, Most Rev. Thomas Olmsted, to come and work with you and for you at this wonderful community of Holy Cross Parish. I appreciate and promise to uphold all the good things you were able to accomplish with Fr. Felt for the last 10 years. Together you built a Parish family where even outsiders feel at home. Indeed, that is how it should be. As the Second Vatican Council put it, the Church is the People of God, not a place. Our Church should be understood as God’s Family. Ours is not the Church of power but the Church of reciprocal service and mutual evangelization. I encourage you, dear parishioners, to continue to see God in one another and find strength and openness in the Holy Spirit. Let us cherish the multiplicity of cultures in our Parish where the motto has been, is and always will be ‘all are welcome.’ Yes, we are a community of faith, we are pilgrims on a journey, and that journey is moving on now.

Lastly, allow me to repeat what I already said in one of the previous bulletins: I have come to serve you as your friend and, together, continue with our journey of faith. Indeed, ministering to you is my life’s greatest privilege. Please pray for me, and be assured of my prayers and service for all of you.

Respectfully yours,
Fr. Solomon Bandiho


Situación inicial
Cada uno de nosotros tiene una jornada única. Mi historia comienza en las orillas del Lago Victoria, en Bukoba, Tanzania hace unos 49 años. Soy el quinto de ocho hijos, nacidos de mis padres ya difuntos, quienes eran agricultores en pequeña escala en un área dominada por valles y colinas (9 grados por debajo del ecuador) y donde básicamente sólo había dos estaciones, la lluviosa y la seca

Al visitar Bukoba, uno encuentra 'bosques' verdes interminables de plantaciones de bananos, que es el alimento principal en esa área. (Es en esas plantaciones donde la gente construye sus hogares permanentes. Aparte de alimento, los bananos sirven para muchos otros usos, como jugo, fruta y cerveza. Las hojas de las plantas de banana sirven como platos, recipientes para beber agua o cerveza y también como sombrillas. Parte de sus tallos guardan humedad, la cual se usa para lavarse cuando el agua escasea. La corteza de las plantas de banano sirve como sogas, se usa para hacer cestas para guardar grano, para hacer alfombras, tapetes individuales para la mesa, y también para artículos decorativos. Los niños usan partes de la planta de banana para hacer pelotas de fútbol y juguetes.) Otros alimentos en el área incluyen papas dulces y de las llamadas "irlandesas", camotes, yucas y pescado de las aguas frescas del Lago Victoria.

Educación Básica
Aunque mis padres no eran educados, ellos valoraban mucho la educación. No podían ayudarme con mis tareas de la escuela; pero se aseguraban de que hubiera una lámpara llena con gas kerosene para permitirme estudiar de noche. Las condiciones para asistir a la escuela no eran fáciles para nada. Por ejemplo, cuando comencé mi educación primaria a los siete años, yo tenía que despertarme a las 6 a.m., tomar las sobras frías de la cena de la noche anterior y caminar (descalzo) siete millas a la escuela donde se suponía que debía presentarme a las 7:30 a.m. Me pasaba todo el día sin comer y, cuando las clases terminaban a las 4:30 p.m., regresaba a casa para ayudar con las responsabilidades del hogar como recoger el ganado y traerlo a casa de los pastizales, cortar madera para el fuego e ir al arroyo a buscar agua para cocinar.

Mi elección del sacerdocio
Cuando estaba en tercer grado, me uní al grupo de monaguillos de mi parroquia. Después de un par de años, sentí el llamado de ser como los sacerdotes a quienes yo servía en el altar. Gracias a mi Pastor, quien hizo los arreglos necesarios, me uní al Seminario menor a los 15 años. Esa separación de mi hogar fue el comienzo del largo viaje hacia el sacerdocio. Nunca vi hacia atrás, ni académicamente ni en cuanto a la ruta que yo había decidido para mi vida, a pesar de que hubo varios obstáculos en el camino debido a mis fondos limitados. Gracias a los sacerdotes misioneros que siempre estuvieron listos a llenar ese hueco.

Experiencia de Servicio National: Un año lleno de desafíos
El año de servicio nacional era obligatorio a todo hombre o mujer en Tanzania en ese tiempo. Era un año lleno de desafíos en muchas maneras, y ninguno que yo hubiera experimentado antes. Por medio de entrenamiento pesado y de demandas enormes, llegué a reconocer la importancia de otras personas y del trabajo en equipo, especialmente en tiempos de gran necesidad y de desesperación. A pesar de la experiencia positiva, casi dejé la vocación sacerdotal mientras estuve allí. Como yo era el mejor jugador de volley ball en nuestro grupo, los oficiales del ejército pronto se fijaron en mí. Siendo de una familia pobre y recibiendo la seguridad de empleo en el ejército, se hacía fácil para mí aceptar la invitación de quedarme, para así obtener dinero y ayudar a mis pobres padres y hermanos allá en casa. Por la gracia de Dios, mi amor por el sacerdocio era todavía fuerte y eso me ayudó a no aceptar la oferta del ejército.

Seminarios mayores, ordenación, y trabajos anteriores
Después de completar exitosamente la educación secundaria y el Servicio Nacional, cursé estudios filosóficos por dos años; luego estudios teológicos por cinco años (que incluían el año de discernimiento). Fui ordenado como diácono en transición el 12 de diciembre de 1993, y ordenado como sacerdote el 19 de junio de 1994 en la Diócesis Católica de Bukoba, Tanzania.

Aparte del año que pasé en la parroquia inmediatamente después de mi ordenación y de otros dos años que asistí a la escuela graduada en Nairobi, Kenia, el resto de los años los he pasado en los Seminarios ya sea como formador y como profesor de Teología Sistemática.

Luego de servir a la comunidad del Seminario Nacional mayor por 9 años seguidos, seis de los cuales fue como Rector, los Obispos me otorgaron un sabático para descansar y para estudiar más. Así fue que desde agosto hasta diciembre de 2011 asistí al programa de sabático de la Escuela Oblata de Teología en San Antonio, Texas. Después, el Obispo Thomas Olmsted me pidió servir en la Diócesis de Phoenix. Yo obedecí el llamado y serví como Administrador Parroquial en la parroquia de St. Helen en Glendale de enero a agosto de 2012. En el otoño del 2012, me mudé para asistir a la Escuela Jesuita de Teología de la Universidad de Santa Clara en Berkeley, CA para completar un doctorado en Teología Sistemática.

Nuevo Ministerio en la Parroquia de la Santa Cruz
Aun cuando todavía estoy trabajando en mi disertación, con el mayor de los gustos acepté el llamado del Espíritu Santo, por medio del Obispo de Phoenix, Reverendísimo Thomas Olmsted, para venir y trabajar con ustedes y para ustedes en esta comunidad maravillosa de la Parroquia de la Santa Cruz. Yo aprecio -y les prometo mantener- todas las cosas buenas que pudieron lograr con el Padre Felt en los últimos 10 años. Juntos, ustedes construyeron una familia parroquial donde hasta los "fuereños" se sienten en casa. Y, definitivamente, así es como debe ser. Como lo dictó el Concilio Vaticano Segundo, la Iglesia es el Pueblo de Dios, no es un lugar. Nuestra Iglesia debe ser entendida como la Familia de Dios. La nuestra no es una iglesia de poder sino una Iglesia de servicio recíproco y de evangelización mutua. Los animo, queridos feligreses, a continuar viendo a Dios los unos en los otros y a encontrar la fuerza y la apertura en el Espíritu Santo. Apreciemos en todo su valor la multiplicidad de culturas en nuestra Parroquia, donde la misión ha sido, es y siempre será: "Todos son bienvenidos." Si, somos una comunidad de fe, somos peregrinos en una jornada, y esa jornada se está moviendo hacia adelante ahora mismo.

Por último, permítanme repetir lo que ya les he expresado en uno de los boletines anteriores: He venido a servirles a ustedes como su amigo, y he venido para que juntos continuemos con nuestra jornada de fe. Sin duda que servirles como Pastor a ustedes es el privilegio más grande de mi vida. Por favor recen por mí, y tengan la seguridad de que todas mis oraciones y mi servicio son para todos ustedes.

Padre Solomon Bandiho

Consider making a Cursillo!!

Cursillo is a Catholic Christian movement recognized by the Roman Catholic Church. It is not a typical retreat and is best described as an experience. It is an experience discovering a better life and what is fundamental in Christianity.

During the three day weekend, participants receive a deep and profound experience of Christian life.

  • To begin to know ourselves better
  • We experience the love of Jesus
  • We see the goodness that can be provided by a loving and caring community.

The weekend helps us experience our Catholic faith more fully. We become motivated to engage in a spiritual life filled with joy, laughter and enthusiasm. We discover an enhanced relationship with God. The point of the Cursillo movement is ordinary people steadily growing in the love and service of God and His people for the rest of our lives.

Next Cursillos:
Mens - Oct 20 - Nov 2
Womens - Nov 13 - 16
For further information, please call 480-396-0173. We will be happy to spend time answering your questions. Many people say it is the highlight of their life!

[ Around the Diocese Cursillo ]

Catholic Academy for Life Leadership (C.A.L.L.)

Bishop Thomas Olmsted invites all diocesan high school teens to join C.A.L.L. to become leaders in building the Culture of Life, by preparing to
live chastely in healthy, holy marriages or as priests/religious.

C.A.L.L. systematically teaches all life and relationship topics as a supplement the wonderful catechetical formation they receive in parish youth groups. C.A.L.L. goes in-depth into such subjects as Theology of the Body, authentic femininity and masculinity, relationships, marriage, human sexuality, bioethics, and college prep. In-depth seminars are offered 4 times a year for 3 high school years as well as a retreat and service component.

Teens can earn a certificate of completion in a leadership program that they can list on their college and scholarship applications and have fun with teens from across our diocese while earning it. This program has received the imprimatur and endorsement from Bishop Olmsted and we hope you'll support this effort.

Please register online at to reserve your spot for seminars that begin in mid Sept.

[ Around the Diocese ]

40 Days for Life Fall Campaign

Sep 24, 2014 to Nov 2, 2014

Help to save the lives of Unborn Babies. Offer your prayers & fasting for an end to abortion in America.

If we do God's work, we can accomplish this through prayer and fasting and the 40 Days for Life Vigil for Life.

It is a nation-wide pro life movement. endorsed by our bishop., for the 40 days from Wed, Sep 24 to Sun, Nov 2. Each one of us is given the opportunity to put our Catholic faith in action to save lives, bring healing and receive the grace of God Pledge your Prayer and Fasting and a daily Rosary for an end to abortion in America.

Stop at the Respect Life table in the Court yard after Mass the weekend of Sep 20/21.

[ Respect Life ]

Retreat weekend with the Benedictine Monks at Holy Trinity Monastery

Sep 26, 2014 to Sep 28, 2014

What does it mean to be a man of God? A man of God is someone who leads well during adversity. He knows his bible and prays. He is someone who acts with integrity.

The man of God follows God in every way, he obeys His commands with joy, he does not live for the things of this life but for the things of eternity, he willingly serves his God in giving freely of all his resources yet gladly suffers as a consequence of his faith.

A man of God takes time to be with God, a quiet place to listen and to learn and to build spiritual muscles. So if you are interested in this call to be a man of God: join Deacon Tom for a weekend with the Benedictine Monks at Holy Trinity Monastery, the last weekend of September in Saint David, Arizona.

Fri, Sep 26-Sun, Sep 28
Departure: Friday from Holy Cross Parking Lot at 3:00pm
Return: Sunday to church parking lot about 5:00pm
Cost: 2 nights, 5 meals = $125.00 ($25.00 non-refundable deposit)

For more information, contact Deacon Tom at 480-981-2021 or

[ Retreat ]

Catholic Retreat for Young Singles (CRYS)

Sep 26, 2014 to Sep 28, 2014

Catholic...Single...21-40? Join us for our Fall retreat! It's a weekend of reflection, devotion, & fellowship, on Fri, Sep 26 at 6:00pm to Sun, Sep 28 at 4:00pm at Mount Claret Retreat Center at the base of beautiful Camelback Mountain in Phoenix.

Registration is $110. Register with a friend, get a $10 discount per person!

For more information, contact Brendan Wells at 480.540.4760 or

[ Singles ]

Annual Celebrate Marriage Event with Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted

Sep 27, 2014 (10:00a)

at Ss. Simon and Jude Cathedral

Come celebrate marriage at this annual diocesan event consisting of a beautiful bilingual Mass with Bishop Olmsted and luncheon. This year's speakers at the luncheon are humorous and dynamic Steve and Becky Greene, radio hosts of The Catholic Conversation, "The Surprising Joys Surrounding Marriage." Mass begins at 10:00am, luncheon follows in the parish hall. Those celebrating 25th, 40th, and 50th + jubilee anniversaries receive a special blessing, group photo with Bishop Olmsted, and frameable certificate when pre-registered.

$45 per couple for luncheon. Registration required.

For registration information, call Clarissa Quiring at 602-354-2132. Or register online at Seating for luncheon and speakers limited. Couples of all ages welcome, as well as family members.

[ Around the Diocese ]

Tootsie Roll Drive

Sep 27, 2014 to Sep 28, 2014

The Knights of Columbus, Holy Cross Council # 7904 will be conducting their annual program for "People With Intellectual Disabilities" Drive (also known as the Tootsie Roll Drive) after all Masses the weekend of Sep 27/28.

As always, your generous support for this worthwhile cause will be greatly appreciated.

[ Knights of Columbus ]

Nachos for Sale

Sep 27, 2014 to Sep 28, 2014

Holy Cross Life Teen will be selling Nachos on Sunday, September 28th following the 10:00am, 12:00pm, 2:00pm & 4:00pm Masses.

Cost of a meal is $4.00. (Includes nachos, cookie & drink)

Proceeds will support our Teens going on retreat this Fall.

[ Youth Ministry ]

First Friday Adoration

Oct 3, 2014 (9:00a - 11:30a)

Come join us the Fri, Oct 3 for Adoration, from 9:00-11:30am. Benediction will be at 11:30am. We encourage everyone who is free to come and spend a half-hour of quiet prayer in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament.

[ First Friday ]

Healing Mass

Oct 4, 2014 (6:30p)

All are invited to a healing Mass celebrated by Most Rev. Eduardo A. Nevares, Auxiliary Bishop of Phoenix, on Sat, Oct 4 at St. Paul Catholic Church, 330 W. Coral Gables Dr., Phoenix.

Praise and worship will begin at 6:30pm; Mass begins at 7:00pm.

Sponsored by Catholic Renewal Ministries and City of the Lord.

[ Around the Diocese ]

7th Annual MP9K - A Race for Maggie’s Place Arizona

Oct 5, 2014

Sponsored by: Luis Gonzalez – Going Gonzo For Kids
at Arts Park at Tempe Town Lake Sun, Oct 5 at 7:23am

9K Run, 10K Run, 5K Run / Walk, 5K Stroller Push, Diaper Dash and Kids’ Dash
Join us at our 7th Annual MP9K in Tempe, AZ. Bring your friends and family to this fun, family oriented and stroller friendly event! Participants receive a custom Tech shirt and a chip timed result.

Online Registration

100% of the proceeds benefit Maggie’s Place.

[ Around the Diocese Maggie's Place ]

Evening Cursillo Ultreya

Oct 7, 2014 (5:30p - 7:30p)

Guest Speaker—Fr. Solomon Bandiho

Beverages & Cookies will be served. Come learn, share and celebrate the Cursillo movement with your brothers and sisters at Holy Cross. Enjoy snacks, good music, meet new friends and experience a wonderful evening. Mark your calendars now! Gary Zimmermann will lead the program and share his wonderful music.

[ Cursillo ]

Arizona Rosary Celebration

Oct 12, 2014 (2:00p - 4:15p)

Plan to attend the Arizona Rosary Celebration on Sun, Oct 12 at the Phoenix Convention Center from 2:00-4:15pm. The Most Rev. Thomas J. Olmsted, Bishop of Phoenix, will preside. Pray the Holy Rosary before the Blessed Sacrament, participate in a Blessing Procession, enjoy music, and listen to the words of keynote speaker the Very Rev. Juan-Diego Brunetta, O. P. Honor Mary under her title, The Immaculate Conception.

All Catholic schools, parishes, organizations and groups are invited to participate. Pray for the success of the Arizona Rosary Celebration.

For more information, please call 623-939-1840, visit the website, or e-mail Become a friend on Facebook:

[ Around the Diocese ]

Saint Joseph 2015 American Edition Sunday Missal

Oct 18, 2014

Holy Cross is pleased to make available to our parishioners the Saint Joseph 2015 American Edition Sunday Missal. This perfectly sized Missal with an illustrated and laminated cover fits easily in pocket or purse. The price per missal is $5.00. A limited number are available for purchase now in the parish office. Parish sale of the missals will be held after all Masses the weekend of Oct 18/19.

The complete Saint Joseph 2015 American Edition Sunday Missal by Catholic Book Publishing provides each Sunday's Prayers, Readings, and Responses in a continuous style for easy use and understanding. Also contained in this book are the masses for Holy days from the beginning of Advent through the Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe.

This Missal includes the Order of Mass in two colors and large type with the People's Parts in bold type for quick identification. This Saint Joseph 2015 American Edition Sunday Missal also offers an updated hymnal section with over 90 popular hymns, including "I Am the Bread of Life" "All are Welcome" and "Taste and See," as well as a treasury of cherished prayers.

[ For Sale ]

5th Annual Annulment Information Seminar

Nov 8, 2014 (10:00a - 12:00p)

The Diocese of Phoenix Tribunal invites you to attend the 5th Annual Annulment Information Seminar on Sat, Nov 8 from 10:00-12:00pm at the Diocesan Pastoral Center, 400 E. Monroe St., Phoenix.

Learn everything you need to know about annulments and the application process with presentations in English and Spanish. Tribunal staff will be available to answer questions following the seminar. No RSVP is required. No petitions will be accepted; this is a non-committal, informational event.


[ Around the Diocese ]

2014 Stewardship Golf Tournament

Nov 15, 2014 (8:00a)

Going to cooler temperatures for the summer? If you are a winter visitor and won't be back until the fall or if you just want to get a head start on reserving your spot, don't worry; early registration is now available for the 2014 Stewardship Golf Tournament!

Last year our tournament featured several exciting experiences, such as the opportunity to win prizes like a flat screen TV and multiple hole-in-one opportunities! So sign up today and don't miss out on what's in store for this year's upcoming tournament!

at Arizona Golf Resort (Located on the SE Corner of Broadway and Power in Mesa)
Shotgun start on Sat, Nov 15 at 8:00am
$85.00/player or $60.00/AGR Annual Golf Member
Entry Fee includes: Green fees, cart, range balls, tee gift, lunch and much more
Tournament format is a 4-person team scramble.

Please pick up an Early Registration Flyer from the parish office for more information!!


[ Stewardship Golf Tournament ]